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For all your document printing needs in Montreal, Copie Express is at your service.

With cutting-edge tools and skilled teams, Copie Express and its sister stores, Copie Nova and Copilab, can handle all your printing tasks with precision. Rely on our expertise for prompt, high-quality results. We’re dedicated to fulfilling your professional printing needs. Our offer is aimed at both individuals and entrepreneurs. 

Digital Printing

What print product do you need to create? Browse our pages and photo galleries on common print products our clients entrust to us. As a modern, commercial printer with facilities in Montreal, we are an efficient and creative production partner for your full range of printed materials.

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Large Format Printing

What type of large format graphic do you need to create? Browse our pages and photo galleries on large format products our clients entrust to us. We are trusted by leading consumer brands and retailers, and we are a versatile and creative production partner for your full range of large format graphics.

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Finishing is all about those extra touches after the printing process is done. These details will ensure that your final product stands out. Leave it to our experts to create something unique that meets your needs. 

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Self Service Photocopy & Printing

In a rush? Get your copying, printing, and scanning done all under one roof.  Our stores are equipped with black and colour printers so you can print your documents yourself, from your email, mobile device, or USB drive. Scan your documents straight to email or save them on a USB drive.

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Graphic Design Services


Our in-house team of graphic designers is here to assist you with a diverse array of projects. Bring in your draft, and we’ll collaborate with you to enhance it while staying true to your vision. We’ll manage everything from layout to seamlessly integrating images, graphics, and text in different formats. Plus, we have software available for both Mac and PC to cater to your specific requirements.

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Promotional Items

We provide dozens of promotional products every month to our customers in Montreal and beyond. If you’re creating a unique printed piece, we’ll engineer it for success. If you need a more standard imprinted promo item, keep it simple and ensure consistency by ordering your promo items from us, with your other printed materials.

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